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How to get into Math 203

There are no official prerequisites for Math 203, and the background you need will differ from project to project. You don't even have to be a math major to take Math 203, though math majors are of course strongly encouraged to apply. However, if you're interested in participating in Math 203 at some point, or even if you just think you might want to use math in your career, here are some courses we suggest you take.

The basics

There are three courses that are fundamental to most applications of mathematics and statistics. In particular, most Math 203 projects will rely heavily on material from at least one or two of these classes, if not all three.

Math 129A Linear Algebra I
Math 133A Ordinary Differential Equations
Math 161A Applied Statistics I

In addition, it would be good for you to have some computer programming experience. This need not be formal experience, but on the other hand, taking CS 46A or CS 46A & B would definitely be a good idea, no matter what your future plans are.

Further coursework

The three courses Math 129A, 133A, and 161A roughly correspond to three areas of the mathematical sciences: discrete mathematics, continuous mathematics, and statistics. We have, therefore, grouped our suggestions for what to take next into these three areas.

In discrete mathematics, after Math 129A, we recommend:

Math 129B Linear Algebra II
Math 142 Introduction to Combinatorics
Math 143M Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing (in solving Linear Problems)
Math 128A Abstract Algebra I
In continuous mathematics, after Math 133A, we recommend:

Math 133B Partial Differential Equations
Math 112A Vector Calculus
Math 143C Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing (in solving Differential Equations)
In statistics, after Math 161A, we recommend:

Math 161B Applied Statistics II
Math 163 Probability Theory
Math 164 Mathematical Statistics

Want more?

If you've taken several of these courses, and are looking to go even further, you should strongly consider being a math major! Click here for more information on majoring in math.

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