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What participants have to say about CAMCOS


Here's what students have to say about their experiences with Math 203/CAMCOS:

  • "It is very hard to find a job these days and many companies want employees who have more experience. Without CAMCOS, I don't think I would have even had an opportunity to get interviews."

    --- Yukie Carroll, SJSU '02, now employed at SightSpeed in Berkeley

  • "Having a big marquee name like NASA on my resume didn't hurt."

    --- Bryan Countermine, SJSU MS '04, now employed at Coherent in Santa Clara

  • "During the interview, the focal point of my resume was my experience with Math 203. This real life experience is what gave me the edge."

    --- Felipe Ibarra, SJSU '03, now employed at Hewitt Associates in San Francisco

  • "CAMCOS provided great experience in collaborating with other students, professors, and individuals involved in research outside academia. We got to have a great degree of freedom in deciding how to approach the problem, and in picking an area of concentration."

    --- Dave Barnes, SJSU MS '03, team leader for Optimal analysis of astronomical data, Spring 2002

  • "Math 203 was a great way to apply textbook knowledge to real-life data. I learned how to apply multi-variable methods that I learned in statistics to estimating atmospheric pressures. After taking this class, I have developed a greater interest in statistics and data analysis because this class has taught me how it is used in a variety of different fields in the real world."

    --- Eleanore Jehung, SJSU BS in Mathematics, team member for Statistical analysis of a nonlinear chemical equation using numerical methods, Spring 2002

People from industry and government

People from industry and government who have worked with CAMCOS say:

  • "For a number of years I have been developing new analysis methods for astronomical time series and other kinds of data. I proposed that the CAMCOS group work on improving my approximate algorithm, called 'Bayesian blocks,' that is being used more and more by the astronomical community, and which forms the basis of most of my current astrophysical research.

    "The CAMCOS group very quickly achieved what I had considered an impossible ideal goal -- an exact, global solution of the underlying combinatorial optimization problem. In addition, the new algorithm is eminently practical, and in a way goes beyond the original problem... [making] it directly useful to real-time applications, where one needs results as the data stream unfolds....

    "It is hard to imagine how the project could have been more successful. The algorithm developed by the CAMCOS group is now the basis of all my time series data analyis and is also the focus of my efforts to extend the basic approach to other contexts, such as higher dimensional data analysis problems."

    --- Jeff Scargle, Research Astrophysicist, NASA Ames Research Center, liaison for Optimal analysis of astronomical data, 2002-2003

  • "The Intelligent Data Understanding group at NASA Ames Research Center collaborated with Leslie Foster and his students under CAMCOS. The team worked on the problem of making predictive models that can process an extremely large amount of data. The results of the collaboration were very impressive: the team showed the ability to increase the amount of data used to train the predictive models by three orders of magnitude. The results were published in the Journal of Machine Learning Research, one of the most prominent journals in the field, and are used by researchers world-wide."

    --- Ashok N. Srivastava, Project Manager, System-Wide Safety and Assurance Technologies Project at NASA, liaison for Improved linear algebra methods for redshift computation from limited spectrum data, 2006-2007

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Disclaimer: The above quotes only represent the opinions of the individuals named there. They do not represent opinions or endorsements of the organizations with which the individuals are associated. (Organizations are listed only for the purpose of identification.)

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