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For Students: Participating in CAMCOS

The CAMCOS Application Process

Updated January 2017: There will be two CAMCOS projects in the Spring 2017, one with Verizon and one with NASA-Ames. The Verizon project will be supervised by Professor Guangliang Chen. The NASA project will be supervised by Professor Bradley Jackson.

Applicants: San José State students who want to be part of a CAMCOS team can do so by taking Math 203. However, registration for Math 203 is by application only. Reviewing of applications for Spring 2017 in progress. To apply for Math 203:

  1. Download the application form. Students who have previously taken Math 203 and wish to continue with the same faculty supervisor need not reapply.

  2. Submit the application form to the CAMCOS director by e-mail (strongly preferred) or by campus mail.

  3. Since you are not guaranteed to get into Math 203, in the semester that you want to take Math 203, register for classes as if you were not taking Math 203, but put a class into your schedule that you can drop if you do get into Math 203.

  4. If you are chosen for a team, you will be notified directly, most likely by e-mail. Add codes will be given out by the faculty supervisor at the first or second class meeting.

More about CAMCOS and Math 203

If you are interested in participating in CAMCOS as a student, or if you are part of a Bay Area business or government organization that may be interested in sponsoring a CAMCOS project, please contact Professor Slobodan Simić at:

E-mail: (or

Phone: 408-924-7485 (office), 408-924-5080 (fax)

U.S. mail:

Professor Slobodan Simić, Director of CAMCOS
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
San José State University
San José, CA 95192-0103


Center for Applied Mathematics, Computation, and Statistics
 Department of Mathematics and Statistics • San Jose State University • One Washington Square • San Jose, CA 95192-0103
fax (408) 942-5080