• SJSU Singular Matrix Database

    List of matrix groups in the SJSU Singular Matrix Database:
    The descriptions in the details links are from the University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection (except for the Regtools details).

    Group # matrices details description
    Andrianov 5 details Matrices from Alexander Andrianov, SAS Institute Inc.
    Bai 13 details Matrices from Z. Bai, D. Day, J. Demmel, and J. Dongarra.
    Barabasi 1 details Notre Dame networks, A. Barabasi.
    Bates 1 details Statistical matrices, D. Bates, Univ. Wisconsin
    Bindel 1 details Coupled linear thermoeslasticity equations. D Bindel, UC Berkeley
    Boeing 15 details Structural engineering matrices from Roger Grimes, Boeing.
    Bomhof 1 details Matrices from circuit simulation problems. Wim Bomhof, Univ. Utrecht.
    Brethour 2 details Numerical simulation of coating flows, from Jim Brethour.
    Chen 4 details Finite element matrices from Pu Chen, Peking University.
    Cunningham 2 details Finite element matrices from Andrew Cunningham, Vibro-Acoustic Sciences, Inc.
    DNVS 3 details Positive definite matrices from Christian Damhaug, DNV Software.
    FEMLAB 1 details Test matrices from FEMLAB, a finite-element method toolbox for MATLAB.
    FIDAP 12 details Fluid dynamics, finite element matrices from Yousef Saad (SPARSKIT2 collection).
    GHS_indef 14 details Indefinite matrices collected by Nick Gould, Yifan Hu, and Jennifer Scott.
    GHS_psdef 7 details Positive definite matrices collected by Nick Gould, Yifan Hu, & Jennifer Scott.
    Gaertner 1 details Matrices from Dr. Klaus Gaertner, Weierstrass Institute Berlin.
    Gleich 1 details Web matrices and wikipedia matrices from David Gleich, Stanford.
    Goodwin 1 details Fluide mechanics matrices from Ralph Goodwin, Univ. Illinois.
    Graham 1 details Finite element matrix from Dave Graham, Univ. of Illinois.
    Grund 11 details Matrices from Friedrich Grund, WIAS Berlin. Chemical process simulation.
    Gset 7 details Random graphs from Yinyu Ye, Univ. of Iowa.
    Gupta 1 details Linear programming matrices from Anshul Gupta, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center.
    HB 104 details The original Harwell-Boeing collection. Iain Duff, Roger Grimes, and John Lewis.
    Hohn 2 details Single-material crack problem, Michael Hohn, Univ. of Utah.
    Hollinger 24 details Economic models from Peter Holinger, Intex Solutions, Inc.
    IBM_EDA 2 details Circuit simulation matrices from Tim Lehner, IBM EDA.
    JGD_Franz 10 details Cohomology of various rings, from Matthias Franz, Univ. Konstanz, Germany
    JGD_G5 7 details Decomposable subspaces at degree d of the invariant ring of G5, Nicolas Thiery.
    JGD_GL6 5 details Differentials of the Voronoi complex of perfect forms of rank 6 mod GL_6(Z),
    JGD_GL7d 4 details Differentials of the Voronoi complex of perfect forms of rank 7 mod GL_7(Z)
    JGD_Groebner 3 details Gro"bner basis from Jean-Charles Fauge`res,
    JGD_Homology 86 details Simplicial complexes from Homology from Volkmar Welker.
    JGD_Kocay 3 details Brute force disjoint product matrices in tree algebra on n nodes, Nicolas Thiery
    JGD_Margulies 13 details Combinatorial optimization as polynomial eqns, Susan Margulies, UC Davis
    JGD_Relat 11 details Relations from Florent Hiver, Univ. Paris-Est Marne-La-Valle'e
    JGD_SL6 7 details Differentials of the Voronoi complex of perfect forms
    JGD_SPG 4 details Symmetric powers of graphs from Gordon Royle, Univ Western Australia
    LPnetlib 36 details NETLIB Linear Programming problems, www.netlib.org.
    Lucifora 2 details GSM cell traffic matrices from Salvatore Lucifora, Telecom Italia Mobile.
    Mallya 16 details Chemical process simulation matrices, J. Mallya, S. Zitney, M. Stadtherr.
    Mancktelow 1 details FEM viscoelastic behavior of rocks, Neil Mancktelow, ETH-Zentrum
    Marini 1 details Economic Time Series, T. Di Fonzo (Univ Padua) and M. Marini, (ISTAT, Italy)
    MathWorks 3 details Matrices contributed by The Mathworks, Inc.
    Meszaros 22 details Linear programming problems from C. Me'sza'ros
    Muite 3 details Ill-conditioned Chebyshev integration matrices from Benson Muite, Oxford.
    Mulvey 1 details Multistage stochastic financial modelling. J. Mulvey, Princeton.
    NYPA 5 details Rank-deficient least squares problems. D. Maragal, New York Power Authority
    Nasa 5 details NASA matrices obtained from Alex Pothen, ICASE and Old Dominion Univ.
    Norris 2 details Finite element modelling of human body parts. Stuart Norris, Univ. Aukland.
    Oberwolfach 6 details Oberwolfach model reduction benchmark collection
    Okunbor 1 details Acoustic radiation around aft duct fan. Walter Eversman and Daniel Okunbor.
    Pajek 57 details Pajek data sets, V. Batagelj and A. Mrvar.
    Pereyra 1 details From Victor Pereyra, Stanford University.
    Pothen 5 details Structrual engineering matrices from NASA, collected by Alex Pothen.
    QY 1 details Transient stabilty constrained interior pt. optimal power flow, J. Quanyuan
    Rajat 6 details Circuit simulation matrices from Rajat and Raj.
    Regtools 40 details Matrices with characteristic features of discrete ill-posed problems, collected by P. C. Hansen.
    Rothberg 1 details Structural engineering matrices from Ed Rothberg, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
    Sandia 62 details Circuit simulation matrices from Sandia National Laboratory.
    Schenk_IBMNA 7 details Non-linear optimization matrices, Olaf Schenk, Univ. of Basel.
    Schenk_IBMSDS 3 details Semiconductor device simulation matrices, Olaf Schenk, Univ. of Basel.
    Schenk_ISEI 1 details Semiconductor device simulation matrices, Olaf Schenk, Univ. of Basel.
    Shyy 2 details Computational fluid dynamics, viscous flow, Wei Shyy, Univ. Florida.
    Simon 3 details Structural engineering, computational fluid dynamics. Horst Simon.
    TKK 5 details Matrices from Reijo Kouhia, Structural Mechanics, Helsinki Univ. of Technology
    TSOPF 1 details Transient stability-constrained optimal power flow, G. Geng, Zhejiang Univ.
    VanVelzen 5 details Chemical process simulation matrices from Nils van Velzen, VORtech Computing.
    Zitney 4 details Chemical engineering applications. S. Zitney, Cray Research.

    Total number of matrices in SJSU Singular Matrix Database: 698

    Maintained by Leslie Foster, last updated 16-Feb-2009.