Projects to accompany Spence, Insel and Friedberg's "Elementary Linear Algebra"

SIF Mixing Seeds Project, created February 2003

SIF Project on Traffic Flow, created February 2003

SIF Population Migration, adapted for SIF, September 2003

Inverse of Block Upper Triangular Matrix, for SIF or Lay, October 2005

SIF Elementary Analysis of Spotted Owls Project, adapted for SIF, February 2003

SIF Using Eigenvalues to Study Owl Population, adapted for SIF, October 2003

SIF Least Squares Solutions and Curve Fitting, adapted for SIF, April 2003

Computer Projects to accompany David Lay's "Linear Algebra and Its Applications"

Cover Page

List of Titles

1. Getting Started With MATLAB

2. Practice Row Operations

3. Reduced Echelon Form and rref

4. Exchange Economy and Homogeneous Systems

5. Rank and Linear Independence

6. Population Migration

7. Elementary Analysis of the Spotted Owl Population

8. Visualizing Linear Transformations

9. Lower Triangular Matrices

10. Adjacency Matrix of a Graph

11. Counting Floating Point Operations in Matrix Products

12. An Economy With an Open Sector

13. Homogeneous Coordinates for Computer Graphics

14. Markov Chains and Long Range Predictions

15. Using Backslash to solve Ax = b

16. Roundoff Error in Matrix Calculations

17. Cryptography

18. Matrix Inverses and Infinite Series

19. Partitioned Matrices

20. Schur Complements21. LU Factorization

22. Subspaces

23. Real and Complex Eigenvalues

24. Using Eigenvalues to Study Spotted Owls

25. QR Factorization

26. QR Method for Calculating Eigenvalues

27. Least Squares and Curve Fitting