Research Focus

Algebraic statistics with applications to evolutionary biology, systems biology, network science, and neuroscience.





21. Dimensions of group-based phylogenetic mixtures, with Hector Banos, Nathaniel Bushek, Ruth Davidson, Pamela Harris, Robert Krone, Colby Long, Allen Stewart, and Robert Walker, 2017. Submitted. 


20. Identifiability of linear compartment models: the singular locus, with Nicolette Meshkat and Anne Shiu, 2017. Submitted. 


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arXiv:1310.3297. Submitted.




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16. Neural ideals and stimulus space visualization, with Elizabeth Gross, Nida Kazi Obatake, and Nora Youngs, 2017, Advances in Applied Mathematics, to appear. 


15. The maximum likelihood threshold of a graph, with Seth Sullivant, 2016, Bernoulli, to appear.

14. The multiple roots phenomenon in maximum likelihood estimation for factor analysis, with Sonja Petrovic, Donald Richards, and Despina Stasi, 2016, Proceedings of the Mathematical Society of Japan Seasonal Institute; the 50th Anniversary of Grobner Bases, to appear.


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3. Discussing the Proof of the Global Attractor Conjecture, with Matthew Johnston and Nicolette Meshkat, SIAM News, July/August 2016.





2. Algebraic complexity in statistics using combinatorial and tensor methods. PhD thesis. University of Illinois at Chicago.


1. Modeling social networks using a random walk on a torus. Master's thesis. San Francisco State University.