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Guangliang Chen

photo Assistant Professor

San Jose State University
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192-0103

Office: 417 MacQuarrie Hall
Phone: (408) 924-5131
Fax: 408-924-5080
Email: firstname.lastname@sjsu.edu

Curriculum Vitae [PDF]


Spring 2018

My office hours are MW 11-11:50am, and TR by appointment.

Fall 2017

  • Math 163 Probability Theory [Syllabus]

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

  • Math 163 Probability Theory [Syllabus]
  • Math 298 Special Study (2)

Spring 2016

Fall 2015

In even earlier semesters at SJSU I taught Math 42, 161A, 163 and 164 (some more than once).


My research interests include subspace/manifold clustering, dictionary learning, and classification, all with applications to signal and image processing. In the past I have worked on the following projects:


Refereed Journal Papers

Conference Proceedings

Book Chapters

Technical Report

  • Multiscale Analysis for Muon-Scattering Data, G. Chen, G. Lerman and R. Chartrand, Technical Report LA-UR 06-7504 (2006), Los Alamos National Laboratory

PhD Thesis

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