We live in a 105 year old Queen Anne Victorian house in the Rose Garden area of San Jose, CA. Our family consists of: Daniel (DOB 1/4/54), Ryoko (3/9/71), and our children, Shota James (9/30/95), and Aiko Sarah (10/5/97), and our outdoor cats Nina and Other Cat. Dan is a math professor at San Jose State University, and Ryoko is a full time mother. Our favorite activities are: watching tennis (but not playing), taking a walk in the neighborhood, antique hunting, travelling, and remodelling (just kidding).

Dan and Ryoko were married on June 19, 1994 on the 51st floor of the Bank of America building in San Francisco. On our honeymoon we took a cruise from Vancouver to Alaska. (The food on Holland America Line was sooooo good!!!) We also took a 7 day tour in Alaska. We hope to someday take another cruise around the world.

Our first child Shota was born on September 30, 1995. He was born with a chromosome 11q deletion, which has caused medical complications and developmental delay. Through the internet, we are connected with other families with this rare disorder, and our homepage provides links and information to help other parents with special needs children. For Shota's story, click here.

Our second child Aiko was born on October 5, 1997. Unlike Shota who, like many kids with chromosome disorders, is gentle, tolerant, generous and good-natured, Aiko is fast to loudly demand anything she wants whenever she wants and as frequently as she wants!! But she IS sort of cute, so maybe we'll keep her.

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