General Links

ESPN SportsZone: Tennis
Tennis news, rankings, results and more. A great site for all you tennis fans!
Icon Bazaar
Free clip art, icons, backgrounds, EVERYTHING to make your website fun!
Color Center
Colors, textures, etc. for your website.
Siskel & Ebert
Audio movie reviews by Siskel and Ebert
Alta Vista Translation
Instant text translation into 5 European languages
Excite Travel
Make airplane and hotel reservations. Pretty good deal, we've used it several times.
Homepage of Victorian Preservation Association
Resources on historic houses--restoration, books, museums, etc.
Rejuvenation Lamp & Fixture Company
Great reproduction lighting from all differenct eras.

Links to Disability Related Sites

Welcome to Holland
Something I read to cheer up a little bit when I'm feeling down. I never tire of reading this.
11q Research & Resource Homepage
Support group for Shota's syndrome
The Fragile Website
Valuable information on the 11q syndrome -- a medical checklist, a database of publications on the syndrome, links to helpful websites, etc. I have given Shota's doctors all the information I found on this site!
Chromosome 22 Central
The website for anyone dealing with chromosome 22 related disorders, created and maintained by my dear friend Stephanie St-Pierre
MUMS--Mothers United for Moral Support
Matching for parents of children with rare disorders/diseases
Family Village
Informational resources on specific diagnoses, adaptive products and technology, health issues, disability-related media and literature, and much, much more!
PHP-Parents Helping Parents
The homepage of a parent-directed family resource center. Very comprehensive and informative!
The Disability Resource
Books, live chat, create your own homepage, etc. Lots of resources.
Support Organization For Trisomy 13 & 18 and Related Disorders
The Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society
The homepage for people with anomalies of chromosome 18.

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