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Aiko Sarah Goldston was born right on her due date, October 5, 1997 weighing 7 pounds and 8 ounces. She was a perfectly healthy baby -- unlike Shota, she cried loudly and vigorously as soon as she was born. It was such a special experience for me, to be able to watch her all night long as she peaceully slept next to me, and to not have my baby taken away to NICU.
Click here to see a picture of sweet little angelic Aiko.
Aiko is a demanding little baby who likes to be held all the time! She also likes to kiss (lick) everyone. She always amazes us by doing new things without being taught how to do them; Shota had to be taught to do everything like sitting up, crawling and even something as basic as chewing. It's a joy to watch her grow like a weed (?)
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