Fall 2013 Problems

Fall 2013 Solutions

Fall 2013 Standings

The SJSU Math Dept. presents the Fall 2013

Problem of the Week Competition

1st prize   $50

2nd prize  $30

3rd prize $20                                                       

Every Monday Professor Jackson will post a problem.  Copies of the problems (and answers to the old problems) are available on the table in front of the Math office, MH 308.  Solutions should be submitted to the math office by Wednesday of the following week at 12:00 pm.  Answers will be posted by the Monday after the problem is due.  The students with the most points throughout the semester will be eligible for the prizes above.  Itís never too late to enter since the point values of the problems will increase as the semester progresses.  This fall we will have two divisions, one for undergraduate students (no prior baccalaureate degree), one for graduate students.  Winners will be announced on Wed. Dec. 11.  We will also submit the names of these winners to the Scholarship committee for consideration when the Math Dept. scholarships are awarded.  Interested students are also encouraged to take this yearís Putnam Exam (a nationwide problem solving competition) which will be given on Sat. Dec. 7.  See Professor Jackson (MH 316, phone: 924-5100, email: bradley.jackson@sjsu.edu) for further details.  The problems and solutions to the Problem of the Week competition are also available online at http://www.math.sjsu.edu/~jackson.