68th  Annual Putnam Exam 

December 1, 2007

Students interested in participating in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competiton should notify Professor Brad Jackson (MH 316, Phone: 924-5129, Email: jackson@math.sjsu.edu) by October 1.  The competition is open to regularly enrolled undergraduates who have not yet received a college degree.  The Putnam Exam is a nationwide problem-solving competition that emphasizes problems in the first two years of the mathematics curriculum (foundations of math, calculus, discrete math, linear algebra, etc.).  The exam is designed to test originality as well as mathematical competence.  Students that are interested in “preparing” for the exam should participate in the Math dept. Problem of the Week competition.  Contact Professor Jackson about more information regarding the Putnam Exam.  He can also give you copies of old exams to look at.  Old exams and their solutions can also be found in the American Mathematical Monthly.  In last year's Putnam competition the team from SJSU placed 62nd in the nation (out of 508 participating universities).  Individual team members, Cuong Dong placed 166th, and Siddartha Kanungo placed 501st (out of 3640 contestants).