Math 243A, Fall 2012

View this page in French, courtesy of Anna Chekovsky Midterm time: October 16, in class

Final exam time: December 13, 2012, 5:15-7:30pm

Course material


  1. Due September 6, 2012: Download the code homework1.m. Figure out, as a function of the input n, what its complexity is.
  2. Due September 20, 2012 here.
  3. Due September 27, 2012 here.
  4. CANCELLED. Due October 4, 2012 here.
  5. Due October 18, 2012 here.
  6. Due November 8, 2012: Solve the heat equation on the L-shaped subregion of [0,1]x[0,1] which excludes [0,1/2]x[0,1/2]. For boundary conditions take sin(3(x+y)). Use any method you want and any size mesh. Compute the true temperature at the point (3/4,3/4) to 4 significant digits. (I.e., you not only want, say, Jacobi, to converge, but you want the first four digits to not change if you take a finer mesh!). Turn in your code, an explanation of what you did, and the temperature you computed.
  7. Due November 22, 2012 here.
  8. Due November 29, 2012: Determine the sag, u(0.5,0.5), at the center of a square membrane on [0,1]x[0,1] to 4 significant digits. It satisfies uxx+uyy=1. Choose an appropriate number of subdivisions and use SOR or FFT based methods to ensure 4 digits of accuracy. Turn in your code, an explanation of what you did, and the sag you computed.
  9. Due December 4, 2012 here.

Final project:

  1. It's here. Must be e-mailed to me by 5pm on 12/13/12.
Other resources: