LaTeX Templates for Mathematics Theses at SJSU

LaTeX is the standard software application for mathematical word processing/typesetting.  It produces journal-quality printouts, and is versatile, easy to use--after you learn the basics--and free.  (See for more details.)

The .zip archive below contains a Style Guide approved by Graduate Studies and Research for use by students writing mathematics theses at SJSU.  A sample thesis and a sample slide presentation for a thesis defense are also included.  The sample thesis is based on the document class sjsuthesis.cls developed by James Kittock, 2004 SJSU Outstanding Thesis Award winner, for his thesis The Isoperimetric Problem in Finitely Presented Groups.  Mr. Kittock has generously allowed the posting of a modified version of the template he customized for producing his thesis in LaTeX.   The template was modified and the Style Guide developed by Professor Tim Hsu of this Department, in consultation with Graduate Studies and Research.  Questions about the use of the Style Guide and thesis templates may be directed to Professor Hsu ( or Professor Kubelka (, the Graduate Coordinator.

Although this Style Guide and these templates have been approved by Graduate Studies and Research, the rules in GS&R's Thesis Guide will prevail in the event of any conflict between it and our Style Guide.  You should be sure to read GS&R's Thesis Guide to familiarize yourself with GS&R's requirements.  Also, when turning in to GS&R a thesis produced using our Style Guide and templates, be sure to note on the submittal form that the style guide you are using is the Math Department's Style Guide.

Note: since GS&R makes changes in the thesis requirements on an ongoing basis, it’s very important that you contact Professor Hsu to make sure you have the latest version of the template.

Note: all opinions contained in these templates are those of the Professor Hsu, Mr. Kittock and/or Charles Dickens.  Also, there is no guarantee, implied or otherwise, that you will win the Outstanding Thesis Award if you use these templates.

LaTeX Thesis Templates (.zip archive)