San Jose State University

Master’s Degree in Mathematics

Qualifying Examination (*for students who began their programs prior to Fall 2016 only)

Each mathematics master’s student* must find a Department faculty member willing to serve as a thesis or writing project director. With that director’s help, the student chooses a topic for the thesis or writing project.

The student must then pass a Qualifying Examination—oral or written at the student’s election—that covers material generally relevant to the area of the proposed thesis or writing project.  Specific details about the material to be covered will be determined in consultation with the three-person committee of faculty members who will examine the student.  (The thesis or writing project director, with input from the student, is responsible for the formation of the examining committee.)

Note: students must pass this Qualifying Examination before they may begin formal work on a thesis or writing project.  In addition, passage of this exam is a prerequisite to advancement to candidacy.