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Dept. of Mathematics         SJSU,  San Jose, CA  95192-0103

Email: phone:  (408) 924-5141

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FALL SEMESTER 2016          Office Hours:  MW-12:30 to 1:30pm & 2:45pm to 3:15


Math-129A  Course Outline and Calendar                        Math-243C  Course Outline and Calendar

Section 5  MW  9am – 10:15   MH-424                                    Section 1  MW 10:30 – 11:45   MH-234

Section 4  MW  1:30 –    2:45   MH-321                                    Homework will be posted to CANVAS

Homework will be posted to CANVAS                                Old Tests will be posted to CANVAS

Old Tests will be posted to CANVAS




Useful Links

Stewart’s Calculus Book

Wall Street Journal says “Math is number one”

Math will rock your world

Peer Connections Tutor Center

Interesting Website:animations

Try this also, Wolfram-Alpha Calculus :



Curves in space, helix, twisted cubic etc:

3-D Graphs / functions f(x,y) :

for other 3-D graphs

Nice stuff on flux / divergence

multi-variable calculus