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Fall 2017 MATH-31


Course Outline, Calendar and WebAssign instructions

Homework will be posted in WebAssign (not in CANVAS)

Old Tests: TEST-1

Fall 2017 MATH-243


Course Outline will be posted here

Homework will be posted here





Announcements from Spring 2017

Math-Career-Day April 12

Try the free high resolution calculator:

Scholarship-Internship Opportunity April 2017  Scholarships for Math-Majors

Job Opportunities  January-2017  February-2017

Coffee with a professor

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Useful Links

Peer Connections Tutor Center

Wall Street Journal says “Math is number one”

Math will rock your world

Interesting Website:animations

Try this also, Wolfram-Alpha Calculus :

Stewart’s Calculus Book



Curves in space, helix, twisted cubic etc:

3-D Graphs / functions f(x,y) :

for other 3-D graphs

Nice stuff on flux / divergence

multi-variable calculus