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                   Dept. of Mathematics

                   SJSU,  San Jose, CA  95192-0103

       Email: Mohammad.Saleem@sjsu.edu

phone:  (408) 924-5141           fax(408) 924-5080

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Important Announcements will be posted here. Students should check this area periodically.

First day of classes is Monday August 25. Classes are “full” as of now. If a student drops and a spot becomes available, add codes will be given after the first test and homework.


Course Outline and Calendar             Homework will be posted to WebAssign on August 20th

Math 31 (Calculus-2) Teaching Schedule                     WORKSHOPS:    All day in: MH-233, DH-547, WSQ-001

Section 1    7:30am – 8:20    MH-224                           Office Hours:  MTWR 9:25am to 10:10 in MH-313

Section 2    8:30am – 9:20    MH-224                           Old Tests    Test-1  Test-2  Test-3  Test-4     links to be provided

Section 6   11:00am -11:50   DH-243                           


Useful Links

Stewart’s Calculus Book http://www.stewartcalculus.com/media/10_home.php 

Wall Street Journal says “Math is number one” http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123119236117055127.html

Math will rock your world http://www.businessweek.com/pdf/Matheducationaleprint.pdf

Peer Connections Tutor Center  peerconnections.sjsu.edu/

Interesting Website:animations     http://mathworld.wolfram.com/topics/AnimatedGIFs.html

Try this also, Wolfram-Alpha Calculus : http://www09.wolframalpha.com/examples/Calculus.html

Curves in space, helix, twisted cubic etc: http://www.math.uri.edu/~bkaskosz/flashmo/parcur/

3-D Graphs / functions f(x,y) :  http://www.livephysics.com/ptools/online-3d-function-grapher.php

for other 3-D graphshttp://www.flashandmath.com/mathlets/multicalc/index.html

Nice stuff on flux / divergence http://www.math.montana.edu/frankw/ccp/multiworld/divcurl/crossing/learn.htm

multi-variable calculus http://www.math.montana.edu/frankw/ccp/home.htm